An intriguing story on why brides shed tears on their wedding day
Brides shedding tears on their wedding day is not new to the Nigerian culture, there are many narratives around it. While many have believed it to be a norm for brides to cry, others find it an irony for glamorous brides shedding tears on their most memorable day. 
As a professional wedding photographer who captures details about weddings, I am not left on the  confusion about what brings tears to their eyes.

“This is meant to be a joyful day, a day when the couple gain victory from heart breaks, cheats and deceit from  relationships,” I said to myself.
Then again, I concluded “it must be tears of joy.” When people cannot believe their eyes or when they are surprised with plenty of good things, they tend to be emotional.
This is not to overhaul the  sacredness in their tears and their ability to move others to tears, even onlookers.The tears are sometimes messengers of overwhelming grief, of deep contrition, and of unspeakable love. 

Here is what people have to say about this subject matter.

“I will miss my family and every privilege I enjoy in my house. I will miss them all, especially my mom” – Oluwatosin
“Why won’t I cry? I’m leaving my family and moving into another family. I don’t know what I will face over there.” -Fatima
“I think they cry because that marriage ceremony is like a rite of passage for them. I’m no longer a girl, I’m a woman now.” -Micheal

“Definitely I will, because I am joining a new family entirely which I don’t know from Adam but marriage is bringing us together.Moreso, I will shed tears because I will miss my family.” Busayo

People have diverging opinions about why brides and family members shed tears on wedding days.
Feel free to share your thoughts with us.
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